"Infinity Landing" (Solo Show, Rouge 58 Gallery, 2011)

On view from March 3rd-17th @ Rouge58 Gallery, Brooklyn. Curated by Nadja Nebas.

“INFINITY LANDING” is the first solo show by artist Dev Harlan, presenting optically illusive work at a larger than life scale. Consisting of two large light sculptures with triangular geometric themes, the show is intended to be viewed in a active/passive or inebriated fashion.

The centerpiece, “TRIBAR I”, is derived from the well known Penrose triangle illusion, and is realized as a 3D dimensional illuminated sculpture. The wall mounted piece “PYRAMID V”, is geometrically complimentary, and appears as though forever caught in a state of expansion, while luminous color wells up from it's insides.

The penrose illusion has a single vantage point such that when the viewer comes into proper alignment, infinite geometric recursion becomes visible with one sculpture embedded in the other.

Tribar I

Pyramid V