"Mineral Consciousness and Unremarkable Stars"

The installation was exhibited at the Sharjah Art Museum (UAE) as part of the 18th Annual Islamic Arts Festival 2015, titled “Nour (Light)”.

"Mineral Consciousness"

MDF, Video Projection, Apple Macintosh Plus
Dimensions variable


"Unremarkable Stars"

Eurethane Resin, Video Projection, Artificial Plant
Dimensions variable


“Unremarkable Stars” is an installation combining a section of a large polyhedron with a freestanding artificial palm tree. Video projection digitally reconstructs the shadow that would be cast on the object by natural sunlight in the latitude where it is installed (25 N. in the UAE.) The projection shows light and shadow over the course of a single day condensed into two minutes.

“Mineral Consciousness” is a rhombus with a gently pleated and skewed surface. It undulates with vibrant video projection, colorful strata in perpetually cascading motion. The structure of color and pattern is loosely based on the size and age of rock strata found in the grand canyon, the oldest exposed geological record available for study.

A small Macintosh Plus circa 1984 sits on the floor patiently. It openly admits to the largely digital process behind all the work displayed as it idly flips through images of all the available artificial trees that can be bought from Lowes online, the same type of tree standing on the opposite side of the gallery.