Afterlives III

Year: 2023
Medium: Moving Image
Length: 1:30:00
Format: UHD

Afterlives II is part of a series of digital animations which reflect on the themes of global resource extraction and the myth of limitless consumption. The work depicts speculative 3D renderings of metals, minerals, mobile devices and e-waste using photogrammetry scans of real found objects such as natural stone or discarded e-waste. By juxtaposing the fantastic and the mundane, the work invites reflections and critique on the way natural resources are consumed to satiate desire in the digital economy.

Mobile phone models from 2003 to present. Photogrammetry scans of natural stone from Agua Dulce, California and Ksar Jdid, Morocco. Scan of Dell LCD monitor and e-waste PC case. Scan of cast plaster and concrete. Strange Attractors. Trail effects.