Eighteen, Group Show at Usagi Gallery

“EIGHTEEN” is a three person show exhibiting the works of Dev Harlan, Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong and Jayoung Yoon. The work is on view from September 15 – October 14th, 2016 at the Usagi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

Installation View

Show Description (Excerpt)

“EIGHTEEN” exhibits three artists working in sculpture, installation and transformation over time. The title of the show references the spatial concept of Gallery Usagi; architect Sou Fujimoto’s design is based on eighteen movable panels that divide, striate and give impermeability to our space. In “18”, the panels are used not as surfaces to display 2D work, but as interventions in space that divide time.

Each of the artists produces works that transcend static objecthood. Sculpture is investigated as a substrate to experience time, through motorized kinetics, video projection or timed lighting. Here, the sequence of artworks in “18”, each propelling themselves forward via some active process, explores eighteen panels as a way to tell time.


“Unremarkable Stars (10,000 points from 2MASS)”

Polyurethane Resin, Video Projection, Custom Software.
Dimension: 46″x50″x18″


“Unremarkable Stars (10,000 Points From 2MASS)” is a light sculpture taking the shape of a truncated polyhedron. The video projection is a generative pattern derived from publicly available astronomical data. A sampling of 10, 000 stellar objects were taken from the publicly available star catalog, 2MASS, a joint project between University of Massachusetts and NASA/JPL. Each star is visualized as a ribbon of color moving across the sculpture’s surface. Radiation, magnitude and stellar distance drive the color and size of each ribbon. The software loops through all points indefinitely.


“Untitled (Joined Snub Cube Section II)”

Plaster, Acrylic Resin, Sand
Dimensions: 25” x 20“ x 8”



“Untitled (Rhombic Triacontahedron Section – VIII)”

Plaster, Acrylic Resin, Sand
Dimensions: 6“ x 4.5” x 5“



“And Other Things You Can Buy On The Internet”

Apple Macintosh Plus, Iomega Zip Drive, Artificial Plant, Paint, Custom Software
Dimensions Variable

An Apple Macintosh Plus computer sits next to an artificial plant bought on the internet. Custom software on the computer displays 1 bit images of other artificial plants that can be bought form the same web site.



“Macintosh Computers and Bamboo Scale”

Apple Macintosh Plus Computers, Bamboo, Custom Software
Dimensions Variable