Dev Harlan works in sculpture, installation and digital media. He has had solo exhibitions with Christopher Henry Gallery, Gallery Madison Park, and Northern-Southern. Major group shows include “Noor” at the Sharjah Art Museum, the New Museum’s “Ideas City” festival, the Singapore Light Art Festival, and the SUNY Oswego Sculpture Program. He has also completed corporate commissions for Canon, Target and Y-3/Adidas. 

Dev is a NYFA Fellowship Finalist in Digital Media Arts. He has been an artist in residence at the Frank Lloyd Wright School Of Architecture, the SVA Sculpture & Digital Media Program and the Joshua Tree Highlands Residency. He has been a teacher and guest critic for the International Design & Architecture program at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, and a guest lecturer at NYU ITP.


+1 917-806-4270

68 Jay St. Suite 504
Brooklyn, NY 11201



2022-06-02        Re-Sourced, Group Show, SVA Flatiron Gallery, New York, NY

2022-05-26        Are You Human?, Online Group Exhibit, Niio Artcast

2021-12-01        Coral Skin, Screening, Divco Building, Los Angeles, CA

2021-03-01        Areo Gardens, Screening, US Bank Tower, Los Angeles, CA

2021-06-05        Steel Breeze, Public art commission, Plum Canyon Park, Santa Clarita, CA

2020-08-15        Digital Realism, Online Exhibition, Samsung+Niio, The Wall

2019-07-24        WYSIWYG, Open Studio Exhibition, SVA Sculpture Center, New York, NY

2019-06-09        Pooltime!, Public Art Pavilion, NYC Parks, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens, NY

2019-05-21        Pooltime and Other Worldly Narratives, Group Show, Chashama, Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY

2019-11-01        workPlayMoneyLoveWhatIsWhatCouldBeBothNiether, Group Show, N-S Gallery, Austin, TX

2018-08-01        Parmenides I, Public art commission, CUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY

2018-03-15        Midnight, (group show), Paradise Palace, Brooklyn, NY

2018-03-15        Mineral Consciousness,  (solo show), Gallery Madison Park, New York, NY

2018-01-20        After Images, Two person show, Northern Southern Gallery, Austin TX

2017-5-21        Life On Earth, Group show, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY

2017-2-24        En Arcadia Et Ego, Two person show, David & Gladys Wright House, Arcadia, AZ

2016-9-15        Eighteen, Three person show, Usagi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015-12-16        Mineral Consciousness and Unremarkable Stars, Museum show, Sharjah Art Museum, UAE

2015-2-25        After Sunset On The Information Super Getaway, Solo show, Vazquez Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014-07-17        [Algo]Rythms, Group Show, Sonos Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2013-10-17        Downstairs at Eric’s / Time is a Vector, Solo show, Chris Henry Gallery, New York, NY

2013-08-08        Icosidodecahedron, Corporate commission, Canon USA Headquarters, Melville, NY.

2013-07-04        Astral Fissures, Commission for private residence, Singapore

2013-06-12        Parmenides, Installation, Absolut Open Canvas Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

2013-12-04        Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle, (w/ Olek) Commission for private residence, Miami, FL

2012-09-20        Eon Surf, Two person show (w/ Ritta Ikonen), Christopher Henry Gallery, New York, NY

2012-03                Parmenides I, Public art exhibition, Sustainable Light Festival, Singapore

2011-09                Astral Flight Hangar, Solo show, Christopher Henry Gallery, New York, NY

2011-05-24        “New Ideas for the New City”, Public Art Festival, The New Museum, New York, NY

2011-02-18        Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle, (w/ OLEK) New York Studio Gallery, New York, NY

2011-03                Infinity Landing, Solo Exhibition, ROUGE 58 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2010-12                Pyramid II, Scope Art Fair, Christopher Henry Gallery, Miami, FL

2010-10                Light And Substance, Group Show, curated by NYU ITP for Vimeo Film Fest, New York, NY

2010-07                T-Minus 20, Group Show, Christopher Henry Gallery, New York, NY

2010-05                Ouroboros Showcase, WhiteBox Gallery, New York, NY

2009-07                Faune+Faust, (Pyramid I), Installation, Bushwick Market Fair, Brooklyn, NY

2009-06                Cube Considered, Screening, Monkey Town, Brooklyn, NY

2009-03                In Order To Dance, Screening, Scope Cinema Program, Scope Art Fair, New York, NY

2008-06                Equilibrium III, Commission, BIX Media Façade, Kunsthaus Graz, Graz, Austria

2008-05                One Step Beyond, (Live Video Performance), Museum of Natural History, New York, NY

2008-05                    ROJO.tv, (Webcast), Barcelona, Spain

2008-02-29               MonkeyTown Invitational, (Live Performance & Screening) Monkey Town, Brooklyn NY  

2007-11-30               AVion, (Screening), Bucharest, Romania

2007-11-22/25          STRP Festival, (Screening), Heindhoven, The Netherlands

2007-10-19               Festa del Cinema, (Screening), Brancaleone, Rome, Italy

2007-10-16               VeidRAM Festival, (Screening), National Museum of Popular Art, Rome, Italy

2007-10-13                Kinofest Digital Film Festiva, (Screening), Bucharest, Romania

2007-09-14               Repeat Please: Cultura VJ Exhibition, (Screening), Cordoba, Spain

2007-08-16        File l Festival Hipersonica, (Screening), Sao Paulo, Brazil

2007-03                    Optronica Festival, (Screening), London, UK

2006-12                PAM (Screening), Scope Fair – Art Basel, Miami, FL

2006-12                IFC Media Lab Festival, (Screening), New York, NY

2006-11                Bitfilm Festival, (Online, Screening)

2006-11-29        Blip Festival, (Live Video Performance), New York, NY

2006-08-14          City On the Roof Festival, (Public art Installation), Pavlov Media Center, Groningen, Netherland

2006-06-28          Images Contre Nature Festival,  (Screening), Marseilles, France

2006-06-07          Sonar Festival, (Screening), Barcelona, Spain

2006-05-24        Liquid Video Festival, Design Mai, (Live Video, Screening, Panel Discussion),  Berlin, Germany

2006-05-12          European Media Arts Festival, (Screening, Live Video Performance), Osnabrück, Germany

2006-01-23          Mapping Festival,  (Live Video Performance, Panel Discussion), Geneva, Switzerland

2005-09-15         ResFest (Live Video Performance), New York, NY

2005-08                Semi-Permanent Design Conference NYC, (Screening) New York, NY

2004-12-15        Art as Porn, (Live Video Performance), Monkeytown, Brooklyn NY

2004-11-26        Cimatics Festival, (Screening), Brussels, Belgium

2004-10-31        Terpischore, (Screening), LACMA, Los Angeles, CA

2004-07-15        New York Video Festival at the Lincoln Center (Screening), New York, NY

2004-06-11        Transcinema Showcase, RX Gallery, (Live Video Performance), San Francisco, CA

2004-04-17        MonkeyTown Invitational, (Live Video Performance), Brooklyn, NY

2003-11-07        Ritchie Hawtin & Ellen Alien, (Live Video Performance), Mezzanine, San Francisco, CA

2003-11-03        AMODA Digital Showcase (Screening), Austin Museum of Digital Art, Austin, TX

2003-08-03        Xfest 03 (Screening), Remote Lounge, New York, NY

2003-07-23        Condition (Live Video Performance), Open Air, New York, NY

2002-11-16         Whitebox Lounge, (Live Video Performance), Drum Machine Museum, San Francisco CA        

2002-10-11         Transcinema Festival (Live Video, Interactive Installation), 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2002-10-08         Video Riot, (Outdoor Projections), San Francisco, CA

1999-07-11        “68k Lounge” (Interactive installation), RGB + Bill Viola, SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA


2020-08                Digital Realism, Winner, Niio+Samsung International Digital Art Competition

2020-10                NYFA 2020 Fellowship Finalist, Digital Media Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts

2008                Young Guns Award, Art Directors Club, New York

2008                Bitfilms Awards Nominee, Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film


2019                POOLTIME! (w/ Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong),  Queens Council on the Arts        

2019                POOLTIME! (w/ Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong),  Partnership for Parks, Building Healthy Communities        


2019-06                SVA Summer Studio Residency, Sculpture & Digital Media, New York, NY

2017-09                Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency (JTHAR), Joshua Tree CA

2017-02                Taliesin West Artist Residence Program (TARP), Frank Lloyd Wright School, Scottsdale, AZ

2006-04                City on a Roof AIR, “Vertical Zoetrope” (w/ Nika Offenbac) Pavlov Media Center, Groningen, NL.


2020-2022        Niio (digital placement)

2021-2022        Artpoint, (Digital placement) Paris, France

2020-2022        Standard Vision, (Digital placement) Los Angeles, CA

2018 – 2020        Gallery Madison Park, New York, NY

2018 – 2019        Northern-Southern, Austin, TX

2011 – 2015        Christopher Henry Gallery, New York, NY


2018                Friend of the Artist Magazine, Vol 5., Artist interview

2017                WASH Magazine, Issue II, SoAT, Taliesin West

Essay “Parmenides and The Search for the Unknowable” 

2015-09                SuperLux: Smart Light Art, Design & Architecture for Cities, Davina Jackson

(London, Thames & Hudson, 2015), Artist image feature

2013-03                Holo I, (Image feature) Alexander Scholz (2013),

2006-12                The Ve’Ja Book, Xarene Eskandar, TouchSmart Publishing


2008-12                Stash Magazine & DVD, Sci vs Fi, Toshiba Lovebirds

2006-12                Stash Magazine & DVD, Microvert Fragment #5306A

2006-12                Res Magazine & DVD SLOMO Microvert

2006-12                Reline 2, Compilation, Musee Hofstadt, MicroCinema International

2006-11                Ruga, Compilation, Opening Night (music video), Rojo Magazine

2006-10                IDN Magazine & DVD, Microvert Fragment 5206A, Why Won’t You (Music Video)

2006-06                Slomo Compilation, Slomo Microvert

2002-03                Reline 1,  Compilation, Point System, MicroCinema International


2006                Musee Hofstadt, (from Reline II Compilation), SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA


2012-12                Blackbook Magazine, Adam Brent Houghtaling, “New Regime”, Interview

2012-09                Creator’s Project, Kathleen Flood,  “Y-3’s NYFW Projections Were A Colorful, Triangulated Masterpiece”

2011-10                Details Magazine, RJ Del Russo, “Details Guild”

2011-10                Creator’s Project, Kevin Holmes “Stunning Light Sculpture Merges The Virtual And Real”

2011-02                Rhizome, Ceci Moss, “Any Color You Like”

2006-11                Res Magazine, “Reline” Review

2006-10                Apple Pro, C-TRL Labs Online Feature

2006-03                Page Magazine, “Video and Architecture” Feature

2006-05                Page Magazine, “Berlin Design Mai” Review

2004-01                Audiovisual.jp, C-TRL Labs Interview

2004-03                IDN Magazine, “Seeing is believing, the Rise of the VJ”

2003-05                Drum Machine TV, “Political Videos and Installation, Artist Interview & Performance”  

2003-03                VJTV, Artist Interviews

2003-02                San Francisco Bay Guardian, “Visual Riot”

2002-09                Wired News, “One Man’s Retro Revolution”

1999-07                Rhizome, “RGB Mixes Viola with Rave”


2017-03                MA Studio Lecture, Architecture/Design Dept. ASU, Phoenix AZ

2013-08                Touch-In, Brooklyn, NY

2012-10                Pixel Show Conference, Sau Paulo, BR

2012-03                Media Arts Practice, taught by Chika Watanabe, NYU ITP, NY

2011-12                Media Arts Practice, taught by Gabe Garcia-Colombo, NYU ITP, NY

2007-04                Apple Store Creative Series, ADC, NY


2014-06                “COIR” Design Build Studio, (Co-Taught w/ Adjunct Professor Cheryl Wong)

International Design Architecture Program (INDA), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, TH

2013-06                “Intro to Design” Studio, (Co-Taught) International Design Architecture Program (INDA),

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, TH


1995-1998        Evergreen Valley / San Jose City College, (Associate Of Art, Student)

1998                UC Santa Cruz, Continuing Ed, (Figure Drawing)

1999                UC Berkeley, Continuing Ed, (Computer Science)

2019-2022        CUNY BMCC, AS-T (Associate of Science)

2021-06                School for Poetic Computing, “Dark Matters”, (8 wk Lecture w/ American Artist)