“Time Is A Vector / Downstairs At Eric’s”, Christopher Henry Gallery, 2013

Solo Show,  Oct 7th – Dec 1st 2013

“Time Is A Vector”

Plaster, Acrylic, Video Projection
8′ x 12′ x 42″

Spread across the floor is evidence of the shattering of a large spherical object. The fragments are faceted with a equilateral folding pattern. The broken surfaces are bathed in the a soft glow – video projection highlights what would have been the object’s interior.

“Downstairs At Eric’s”

Drafting vellum, Sheet Diffusion, Video Projection
Dimension Variable

Two long reams of diffusion film are hung from ceiling to floor, trailing to meet the walls of the gallery. On one, a faceted uniform pattern has been scored, allowing the surface to become volumetric as it drapes to the floor. The second sheet hangs in reverse, almost a mirror image– but instead, its surface has been violently crumpled and irregularly faceted. Using video projection, a synchronized play of light tightly traverses both sheets simultaneously and accentuates the unique properties of each: striated triangulation and crystalline disorder.