Life After Screens

Life After Screens is an exhibition of found objects and artifacts which juxtaposes technological ephemerality with geological deep time. Sculptural assemblage of e-waste and natural stone hint at the deep entanglement between the technological and the natural world. Virtual screens show animated cylindrical assemblies of sand and debris foreshadowing future Earth cores samples that may contain the quotidian technological waste of the anthropocene epoch.

The work seeks to create a tension between the quotidian plainness of electronic devices and poetic durability of stone so as to invite reflection about the way natural resources are consumed to fuel ephemeral digital desires.

In this virtual exhibition I assemble hybrid sculpture from 3D scans of found objects created in situ or assembled and scanned in the studio. My process has ranged from scanning natural rocks and boulders found in nature to computers found on the street. I also create scans from assemblages of sculptural artifacts or materials such as sand, concrete, plaster, foam and resin.

By digitizing and arranging physical objects into a virtual space I create an indexical relationship between a digital representation and its real world corollary that retains the embedded narrative and material history of the object as a thing.