Attempted E-Waste Gold Recovery and References

The video “Attempted E-Waste Gold Recovery and References” is documentation of literally that. While researching issues around e-waste recycling I discovered Youtube videos showing how to chemically isolate gold from scrap electronics. I began dissembling old computers or electronics I found in the building trash and saving anything metallic. While an artist in residence at JTHAR, I attempted to chemically extract gold from the e-waste using household chemical products. The final sample, of a small bead of melted Borox laced with an orange metallic substance, is shown with stop motion photography. The final results are not conclusive. The metal content, less than a gram, is likely gold but has not been tested.

RE/SOURCED, Group show at SVA Flatiron Gallery

Found Rock 5, WYSIWYG, (Installation view)

A group exhibition of sculpture, photography and mixed media artwork by four alumni of SVA’s Artist Residency programs, curated by program coordinator Rachel Gisela Cohen. “RE/SOURCED” features artworks by Sandra Erbacher, Dev Harlan, Nancy Krakaur and Teri Gandy-Richardson. Exhibition 06/2022 at the SVA Flatiron Gallery, NY.

Five Body Problems

In the digital short film series Five Body Problems, I use photogrammetry and 3D animation to explore themes of landscape, technology and anthropogenic change.

“Pooltime!” public art pavilion and sculpture in Flushing Meadows Corona Park

POOLTIME is a public artwork by artists Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong and Dev Harlan. In conjunction with NYC Parks, the pavilion has been installed at the north end of Meadow Lake in Flushing Meadows Corona Park and will be exhibited until summer 2020. POOLTIME is a public pavilion and series of community programming centered around the rich history of the Park as a site for the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs. POOLTIME activates an underused public space and aims to discuss the World’s Fair structures and their architectural lives and meaning post-exhibition.

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“Parmenides I” at SUNY Oswego sculpture program

“Parmenides II” was selected for SUNY Oswego’s rotating public art program. The 8′ diameter aluminum sculpture has previously been exhibited indoors with video projection. Outdoors it lives comfortably in its naked object hood. The sculpture will be installed on campus for three years.

Wonder Valley Iron Age Slab I

The sculpture is a surface casting of exposed rock near the Iron Age mine site in Wonder Valley. Video projection mapping uses tones and textures from photogrammetry scans of this and other geological work.

“After Images” at Northern-Southern Gallery

“After Images” is a two-person show with myself and painter Laura Lit, curated by Phillip Niemeyer. The work is on view from January 20th – March 15th, 2018 at Northern-Southern Gallery, Austin, TX.